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Post by Demon_skeith on 2012-01-24, 06:23

It's a new year everyone and with it comes a fresh new look for my gaming new forum, Gamingforce.

The revamp happened a few weeks ago, but I've been spending the time these past weeks tweaking things and making sure everything looked right.

With the revamp, I upgraded the forum IPB software to the current version and got a custom dark and light skin made for my forum. I also threw in two popular video game skins, skyrim and minecraft.

I got all the mods updated and threw in a few new ones to help make your GF experience better. One of the new mods is a referral system, which will soon have a contest based on that with top prize being money given so you can get yourself a copy of the popular 2011 game skyrim! More on that later.

More details of the revamp can be found here:

So I hope many of you join and be active, GF brings you much of the latest gaming news on a ad free friendly community. And if you get tried of gaming news, our tech, debate, internet, and other non gaming boards are always full of great topics to get involved with. And if you rack up enough of our forum currency (shards) you can buy yourself a PSN/Wii/Live points card.

What more reason do you need to join and be active at GF? Hope to see you all soon.


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