Win $50 And $30 At Chatter Site

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Win $50 And $30 At Chatter Site

Post by gemmk1 on 2012-06-18, 17:56

Chatter Site Is Running There First Ever Comp Today

The competition is open to every one apart from myself

What do you have to do that is easy

Win $50.00

All you have to do to win this is be the one with the most posts on the 20th of next month and you will win $50.00 either payed by pay pal or paid by amazon.

Let me just explain a bit more though as $50.00 is a lot of money to me and hopefully to your self to

To be able to win this yes you must have the most posts but i do expect at least 300 posts from you i would say that is fair.If i have payed you to posts on this forum then you must have these posts on top of what i have payed you to posts.As from this month i will be paying no one any more to posts but i will try and run a cash prize Competition every month.

We are all so gonna be giving away $30.00

What do you have to do for this well that is simple,Just be the one with the most refereed active members as from the 20th of next month and you will win the cash prize,If you look at the side of the forum it says your referral link if you post that every where you can and ask them to fill in your name it will record who has referred who.I will also be opening up a topic where you can tell us who you have referred

Read more on the forum

I forgot to put that the posts counts will only count as from today to the 20th.So if you have say 200 posts all ready they will not count.It is actual posting from today to the 20th,It gives everyone a chance old and new comer's to the forum

Hope you enjoy

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