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Post by wgbb on 2012-07-01, 11:15

Hello there! We are WebGuru, an up and coming new website which is dedicated to helping people in the webmaster world. You may just think that we are another website that has popped up and will shut down promptly but we assure you we are not! As a website built on the foundations of helping others and working as a team, the WebGuru team are committed to staying open for a very long time to ensure that the new generation of Webmasters have the right help they need to make their journey.

We are not like other forums though, we do not pretend to have all the knowledge and nor do we force what we do know upon you whilst acting like we are certified geniuses. People come to our website to learn, and we learn from them.

Don't take our word for it though, come on down and visit us to see just what we have to offer you. We would be ecstatic to have you join our fair community, I hope to see you over there!

We offer Free Domains, Hosting, Premium Link Submissions, SEO/Web-Master Articles and a Lot More! So why wait? Join us today!

Many thanks,

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