£100 Posting Competition on Xbox Live Fan

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£100 Posting Competition on Xbox Live Fan

Post by SeanFace101 on 2012-10-18, 12:28

XLF Competition #2
Posting Competition!

1st Prize: = £45.00
2nd Prize: = £25.00
3rd Prize: = £15.00
4th Prize: = £10.00
5th Prize: = £5.00
6th Prize: = 10,000.00 XLF$
7th Prize: = 5,000.00 XLF$
8th Prize: = 2,500.00 XLF$
9th Prize: = 1,000.00 XLF$
10th Prize: = 500.00 XLF$

Started: 16/10/2012
End Date: 7:00PM 30/11/2012

The Winner of this competition will be the Member that has the most posts difference between their post count when the competition started and their post count when the competition ends. 2nd Place will be the Member with the second most posts difference, and so on for 3rd, 4th & 5th Place, etc..

Real Cash won in this competition will be paid to you via PayPal.com.
XLF Cash won in this competition will be paid into your XLF Wallet.

You Must have at least a 25 Post Difference for your win/place to be valid. Posts made anywhere on the Xbox Live Fan forum except in the "Posting Games" & "Introductions" forums count towards this competition. This is because your post count will Not increase when you post in there. If you create a new Topic, do Not reply on that topic if no one else has (Double Posting).

10 Members Must Have Entered Before The End Date For Competition To Be Valid!
Staff Members of Xbox Live Fan can Not participate in this competition!

To Enter, sign up and then reply on the competition topic...
Existing members can enter to, simply reply on that topic & i will add your name.

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