30th interview published! And 3,245 hits/pageviews,+Newsletter for Dec!

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30th interview published! And 3,245 hits/pageviews,+Newsletter for Dec!

Post by master412160 on 2010-12-30, 20:00

Hey Everyone!

Our 30th interview was published today. Around 12.00 PM, GMT(+1). On the 30th of December. Twice 30 must mean something special.Smile And we have hit for December 3200+ hits,pageviews!!!!

We also have e-mailed all our members a Newsletter featuring all the stuff we did in the month of December. Really quite much has happened and much progress has been made to wards the IY project.


To put everything in a short to easy read summary. We have finally added our new logo that has no text. But reflects our idea perfectly. We have added a new style-theme on the OY forums. After the previous one got destroyed by updating to the latest mybb version. We removed yesterday the text banner on the blog and now only the logo without text can be seen. As read above we are on the latest mybb version 1.6.1. And on the blog soon to get to 3.0.4.

We added a "Interviews Index", several plugins to improve the site have been installed. Of which most are not yet in use. MobilePress is one of the plugins we installed. It allows you to browse teh blog with your mobile phone. Other then that we been publishing interviews almost everyday. Also making it possible for us to hit 3000+ pageviews / hits. We can now also post youtube vids in posts. (find all the details bellow.)

Visit this 2 announcement topics for more info:

1. Main announcement topic
2. 30th interviews published and 1000 posts on the forums!

Download our Newsletter covering most parts of December:

Visit the 1 of the 2 above links. Or Request it to be sent to you via "Contact Us" tab.

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Re: 30th interview published! And 3,245 hits/pageviews,+Newsletter for Dec!

Post by Daisy on 2010-12-31, 17:18

Well done- the site looks great, and almost 4,000 hits is a excellent score.


Thank you to our Graphic Designer, Sky Foreverr, for my 'Daisy' userbar.

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