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Promotion Tips & Tricks

Post by Daisy on 2011-03-13, 20:12

Hello Everyone, this is my guide to promoting your forum(s), and getting activity and better reviews. Please post here if you have any tips or tricks Wink.

1. Advertising
Obviously, in order to have a successful forum, you need to promote your forum(s) and get activity and traffic.
First, look at this link for links:
Then, promote at every single forum, and you should have a little activity and interest. Or at least bots will visit your forum for search engines.
Look at these promotion forums for other promotion forums advertised there for more places to advertise.
Request advertising spots on very active forums, ALWAYS advertise your link in your signature on every forum you are a member of.
Also, Affiliates (is that what they're called?) always help, even if only a little.
Try and get a userbar/sig bar, they're very useful, and appeal more then a text link.

2. Getting Posts
After you've done step one, you need to get posts, for definate. First, go on all the promotion forums you can think of and look to see if they have a forum cash/currency. See if they have 'packages'. (Packages are posts or topics, or members, that you have to request)
Make as many posts as you need to in order to get the currency (forums give currency for posts), then request.
Repeat with any other acceptable forums. You may give a lot of posts in order to get some, but it's worth it

3. Getting MORE Posts
Okay, you've done the first two, hard, steps. Now, you need to do some more posting. Go on lots of forums with exchange sections (exchanges are posts for posts, register for register, etc), and start off with 5/5 exchanges. Then, 10/10. Keep repeating with every single forum.
Invite any friends you can think of to join the forum. This will be hard, as no one ever does.

4. Gaining Interest
Make sure your forum has good offers, or something to return to members when they join. It's heart breaking to join a promotion forum when they have no 'Free Service Weeks' and so on, so forth. Get something no other forum has. Even if it's a good design, which is the next step.

5. Eye Candy
Eye Candy- also known as making something appealing to a user. If you want your forum to be modern and the most new forum there is, make it sleek, but bright. If you want your forum to look comfortable, use a warm color, and make the forum icons good.
If you want a active forum, make it something users like to look at, not throw up at. The forum needs to appeal, to make the user want to come back to.

Other Tips:Make your users come first, listen to their ideas, and make them as comfortable as possible. They come first, not your forum (however crazy that sounds). Make them welcome, and do all the steps I told you to, and you ought to get off to a good start. Oh, and make sure you're well known on many forums. Get a few jobs on other forums, it builds up your reputation, and other people's opinions about you.
No one listens to a inactive newbie non poster.

Good luck with your forum! This was all typed by me, not copied. Razz



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