Importance of a properly functioning website.

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Importance of a properly functioning website. Empty Importance of a properly functioning website.

Post by fedin10 on 2011-06-23, 06:00

A website is the online face of your business. So you should make sure that the site resembles your business in every aspect. A custom web design can make this possible for you. Your website needs to incorporate good design work to make sure your customers can easily navigate through the different sections of your page. Be sure to make your websites menu simple and easy to read as possible. Adding a site map to your page will help users to find where they want to go. A simple to read menu will greatly reduce confusion, and could mean making more sales for your business.
If your website has many images this will make your site load slower. Visitors will become impatient having to wait for images to load. To avoid this simply reduce the amount of images shown. Another option is to use image software to reduce image sizes and optimize them for use on the web. When writing the content of your pages make sure to separate paragraphs with a space. Also try to peak their interest with a catchy title above your paragraph to get them reading.
Make sure that your site is displaying normally in the many different Internet browsers. Most Internet users make Firefox their primary browser, but there are many who still use Internet Explorer. It is important to make sure that all menus, text, and images show up correctly in each browser.
The final step would be to make sure all links on your site are working. Make certain there are no dead ends. If the section on your site leads to a "page not found error" this can lead to a customer changing his or her mind about working with you or making a purchase through your website. If you are getting a custom web design designed by a genuine web design firm, make sure that all the above mentioned factors are taken care of by them.

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